Hi, I'm Ali!

As far back as I can remember, I have had a passion (obsession!) for fabrics and creating. As a young girl, I used to spend hours digging through my gran's fabric drawers which were situated in what I felt was the most magical of cupboards at the back of her living room. I would pull out the fabrics that took my fancy and together we used to make all sorts of creations, from little fabric mice to my very own pair of Halloween cat print trousers! As I got older, I was able to use her sewing machine alone (calling her for help when the bobbin needed winding or some thread got stuck!) and gradually became more and more competent in using it alone.

Twenty years later and a mother to two wonderful children, I combined my love for dogs and passion for fabrics, creating and sewing and created Peachy Paws Boutique. I adore scouring fabric shops and the internet for super gorgeous fabrics that I can make into gorgeous accessories for both your pooch AND you! Excitingly, I am now proud to bring you products with unique fabric designs created with love, hand drawn and painted by the super talented Sofia at Sofia Papa Designs. 

I pride myself on beautiful products, quality customer service and quick turn around times. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lots of love,

Ali @ Peachy Paws Boutique